Plays For Children

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Jack and the Beanstalk or How the Giant Found His Fum

By Arne Zaslove

Not your everyday telling of Jack and the Beanstalk, this version encourages audience participation and imagination.  Prepare to meet a Giant who can’t remember what comes after “Fo”; Grittle, the invisible green witch from Greenwich Village, who has a problem with soap; and Chicken, an absolute champ at laying brass eggs.  With a cast size of 10, and a set that is imagined and mimed, this 40-minute show can be performed by adults for an audience of kids, or by kids for an audience of families.

The World’s Wickedest Witch Contest
By K.C. Brown

The world of talent shows finally shines the spotlight on an underserved population: those wicked witches who put the “scare” into fairy tales. But who is the wickedest witch of all? The one who locked Rapunzel up in a tower, the one who tempted Hansel and Gretel with a gingerbread house? Maybe the one who terrified Dorothy in Oz, or the one who delivered a bad apple to Snow White?

Merlin and Puck introduce an expert panel of judges, drawn from the world of myth and magic – and are guided by the cheers of the audience, as the ladies and their teams strut their stuff. The show is flexible, offering roles for at least 24 performers (more with some chorus roles added, fewer with some doubling). Familiar characters with a hilarious twist meet up in The World’s Wickedest Witch Contest.

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