Welcome To Normandy Press

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Is it just me – or are the reading and entertainment options out there simply overwhelming?  And now, with streaming and new technology platforms, our choices are no longer limited by broadcast times or bookstore hours.  

Welcome to Normandy Press.  In our little corner of the Internet, you won’t find yourself dazed by too many choices.  You’ll find our plays, translations and books, created to delight theatre makers, audiences, teachers and families.  Gradually, we will be adding the work of other artists we recommend and want to support.  Each work we offer is field tested on stage, or with children in a classroom or at home.  

And here in this blog, you will find insights into the creation of our own work, musings about creativity, and recommendations for plays and movies (such as you find in our family guide to classic films: What Do You Mean You Haven’t Seen - ?).  We hope you will get to know us, so that our recommendations will be something you turn to, as to those of a trusted friend.

If you have read the Our Story section elsewhere on the website, you will know of our family’s fondness for Normandy.  And you will understand why I would like you to think of Normandy Press as our own little orchard.  We invite you to enjoy the fruit of our labors.  Stop by, take a bite, or press some sweet juice out for your own audience.

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